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Marxist group claims attack on US Embassy in Ankara

A Turkish Marxist group has claimed responsibility for the bomb attack outside the US Embassy in Ankara, in a statement which calls the United States “the murderer of the peoples of the world,” The statement posted on the Internet by the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party (DHKP-C) on Saturday denounced American foreign policy. It also condemned Turkey’s policy of supporting Syrian militants against the ...

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Two dead, several injured in blast outside US Embassy in Ankara

An explosion outside the US Embassy in the Turkish capital, Ankara, has killed at least two people and wounded several others. According to Turkish sources, the two dead were security guards. It was not immediately known what caused the explosion, but some reports say a suspected bomber detonated his explosives inside a security checkpoint at the entrance to the embassy’s visa section. The explosion caused ...

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Kuwaitis demand dissolution of parliament

Kuwaitis have staged a demonstration in the Persian Gulf country to demand dissolution of the parliament. The protest rally was staged in the capital Kuwait City on Wednesday, AFP reported. On Sunday, demonstrators staged a similar protest rally in the streets of Sabah al-Nasser, a predominantly tribal area just southwest of the city. The parliament was elected on December 1, 2012 in general polls, with a v ...

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Yemeni tribesmen rally against US assassination drone attacks

Yemeni tribesmen have staged an anti-American demonstration in the central city of Radaa to protest against the killing of innocent civilians by US assassination drone attacks. The protesters also staged a sit-in in front of the government administration building in Radaa on Friday. "If the authorities don't stop the American attacks, then we will occupy the government institutions in the town," one tribesm ...

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Three students injured in high school blast in south eastern Turkey

At least three students have been injured after an explosion hit a high school in the southeastern Turkish province of Sirnak. The blast occurred on Wednesday, after a home-made bomb planted in the school’s third floor went off in the city of Cizre, local media said. The injured students were immediately transferred to a nearby hospital for treatment. Local police launched an investigation into the incident ...

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Yemenis resume protest near US embassy over anti-Islam film

Yemenis have gathered outside the US embassy in the capital Sana’a for the third consecutive day of protests against a US-made anti-Islam film insulting the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Yemeni security forces on Saturday fired warning shots and used water cannons to prevent hundreds of protesters from approaching the diplomatic building. On Friday, one person was killed and many others injured after Yemeni secu ...

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UAE arrests 9 activists as crackdown on the opposition continues

Security forces in the United Arab Emirates have arrested nine more political activists as the government crackdown on the opposition continues. Local activists said on Wednesday that at least nine opposition supporters were detained in the past two days. The latest arrests bring to around 50 the number of activists detained since last year after Abu Dhabi launched a crackdown on activists campaigning for f ...

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US setting up radar station in Qatar

The United States is constructing a missile defense radar station at a covert location in Qatar as part of the expansion of its military presence in the tiny Persian Gulf state. “The radar site will complete the backbone of a system designed to defend US interests and allies such as Israel and European nations,” The Wall Street Journal quoted unnamed US officials as saying on Tuesday. The Pentagon decided t ...

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